Save Me Children... Save Me.

I'm sitting here on the couch, dreading upcoming soccer practice. It starts in an hour and 3 minutes. Why do i feel this way? Maybe because I don't enjoy the burn that i get from hurdles and squats on my inner thighs that feels like the devil himself is nibbling on them? fudgie. oh well. At least Val and I will be hitting up zeee beach tomorrow. For Now, enjoy some horrifying soccer pictures.


Do I sound cool to you?

 If you can read this right now it's probably because your glasses have slid down your nose too far. That is, if you have some kicking ray-bans like i do. This is the first of my blogging experiences. For inspiration, my daily reads are Elaine and Ashley. I have a feeling they are exchanging virtual glances and asking "what 7 year old girl has the nerve to link us to her one post blog? I just wasted time that could've been used playing peek a boo with my cat or searching for unicorns in Narnia". ONly joking guys, I'm a whole 7 and 1/2.  Then there would be my sister soulmate  (who started blogging in the past week or so- you know we started a fad) Emily. She makes my train chug up big hills. There is my childhood love Lauren too, but she'd rather read my blog than write one of her own (if she did it would be filled with lots of trolling, loling and braniac things about her IB classes). Should you choose to read this blog in the future, I can guarantee that it will contain posts mostly pertaining to my church = happyness, clothes and all things associated with girls, hiking + bloody sports and all things associated with boys, my daily pmsing mood swings, and the usually nerd paraphernalia like harry potter and dragons (my favorite animal) and cats (my other favorite). Maybe even some Marine Biology thrown in there, because, you know, that's what i want to be when i grow up.