fresh start

Hey all (5 of you).
I've been thinking quite a bit about this here bloggy.
I think it needs a cleansing.
As in i'm starting a new one.
I'll keep this one open for awhile, maybe indefinitely.
my new blog  will be (to match up with instragram and things like that)
url: baileyjpxoxo.blogspot.com


I want to win this.


I really want to win this giveaway.
Like, c'mon. florals and anthro.
I'm aiming for that maxi skirt. 
So I'm here to basically just blog post about it for extra entries.
I plan on blogging some stuffies real soonsies.

I just wanted to say that you guys really oughta check out we live upstairs. Her blog is fantasterific.



Danggg people. Just dang. It's been almost a month again. Howevs. I do have excuses.
like this.
Great action shot, right? OOH, and look at my cleats. so pretty.....
Annnndddd lot's of stuff with my Etsy shop, like modeling a wedding dress that I changed into in the middle of a field behind my house. It was cold.


When scuba is cancelled

What happens when scuba lessons are cancelled?
You go extreme tidepooling {insert: there is no tidepooling involved in extreme tidepooling. In the words of my marine sci teacher, "you were just playing chicken with the ocean".}
Sprinkles-ing (FIRST TIME YO)
Temple going

A good 50-60 ft up from the beach. There was also a sign that read CRUMBLING CLIFFS. Uhm. Who do I think I am?

BULL KELP. didjyano those pods are filled w/ nitrogen gas?

This thing spat out 20 ft tall spouts of water every once and awhile. I like to toe the line of adventuring and being plain stupid.

I love to sing the temple...


SCUBA Certification

As of a week from this coming Saturday, I will have my official PADI diver's license. :} :] C: :D :DDDDDD :O :O---- (that's me getting progressively so excited I vomit, which in the dive world is actually a great thing, because it attracts fishes. TMI? SHould I also tell you how my wetsuit's so tight my pee stays suspended inside until I take it off? Or that every diver pees all over themselves and their buddy?)
I woke up at an ungoshly hour last saturday to be at Kellogg Park at La Jolla Shores by 6:30. Striped down into a bathing suit in 28 degrees F to put on that cors--- wetsuit, nearly broke my back toting all that gear multiple times 500 miles to an from shore, drop my fin in 30 something feet of water, saw a bunch of cute patootie lobsters, and some REALLY EXCITING SAND DOLLARS!!! Not. But the lobsters were the bomb dig. Some pictures to prove.
Getting gear on probably burns more calories than climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in January, naked.

Did i mention I study ballet?
Or that I suck at it?

I'm the big fat one on the far left. I kid, that's 7mm of wetsuit on my girlish figure. 



*cue obligatory new year's resolutions*
Hello lovelies! (All -17 of you). Thanks for waiting for 3 months. Luckily, the thousand deaths I went through in the last few weeks of school paid off to keeping my 4.0. I'd say it was worth it. Almost.
Goals for this year=
1. Read scriptures every day (-1 i fell asleep new years day, or some time this week:(((((((().
2. Pray morning and night every day
3. Raise 5,000 (at the very least) for la universidad
4. Get a part time (school year) and full time (summer) job
5. Determine whether or not i'm staying with soccer
6. Run a 5k, 10k and half marathon
7. Reach a new juggling record of 300 (I'M ONLY 218 AWAY :D LOLJK :'O)
8. make one new friend
9. write/call/email my family every Sunday
10. Read 50 books {they can be small, I'm allowing myself leeway here)
11. Get my license
12. Paint my bathroom
13. Beeeee happyyyyyy
14. keep my weight below a certain anonymous number (nonya buzynuss)
---some more normal ones--
15. blog once a week
16. Transition to a fashion blog in the summer (aint nobody got time for that come school time)
17. Get a 2100 on my SAT
18. Get a 30 on my ACT
19. Keep my 4.0
20. Apply to and get accepted to at least 5 universities (UCSD, BYUH, JCU anybody?)
21. Finish Personal Progress
22. Help somebody in need
23. Do lots of service (lotsa)
24. Take piano talent to the next level (whatever that level is)
25. Learn to surf
26. GO TO THE BEACH AT LEAST 20 times (1 time down Emily HOLLA)
27. List 50 items on my etsy shop
28. Run my etsy shop full time
29. Eats lots of frozen yogurt
--- this is becoming more of a want to do than a goals list. MY BLOG, MY LIST WHO CARES ---
30. Get over my addiction of frozen yogurt
31. Finish decorating both rooms
32. Pay more attention to my kitty boys (l;aksjgoihwaer school and all your time slurping powers)
33. write letters to my friends (emily might get her mishy call next week!)
34. Swim with sharks (the big guns. Sorry little leopards, you're cute and all....)
35. Get scuba certified (next week! ! ! !)
36. Watch all episodes of Downton Abbey (I just reached a new level of pathetic)
37. become proficient in cooking (baking is more of my thing)
38. use less parentheticals (....) just kidding you though I was that hypocritical?
39. Love more
40. Hate less
41. Have a summer romance
just kidding
Now, for those of most importance
42. Go to the temple once a month
43. Pay a full tithe
44. Read every New Era
45. Find my journal and journal every day possible
46. Become closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, as well as the prophets, current and olden, and grow my testimony more than ever before