This Post Will Lack Umph

Obviously, I haven't posted in 1 month +. I reallly wish I had things to post, but there's nothing new. Or up, at all really. I eat. I sleep. (And other bodily things, but we won't discuss those here. Or anywhere.) I do lots of homework. And lots of soccer. I had always hoped for this to become a fashion blog. And one day, it will.


Wedding SWOON

I'm going to take a second to be a total girl here.


You must know..

Shark Week is on this week.
And When Bailey does Shark Week,
Bailey does nothing else.
Yes, d-word me to hell. I watch Shark Week. Bad Future Marine Biologist! Guilty pleasure, anybody?
I'll resurface once I stop baby talking to the TV saying, "OHH, I JUST WANNA PINCH YOUR LITTLE CAUDAL FIN. YES I DO! YES I DO!"
P.S. It's actually my homework too, for Marine Science (*valley girl* FAVEE CLASS EVARRR). To watch videos on it and then bad-mouth it in short essay form. This is the vidaaa.


So now I'm a junior.

Hi all. I'm crossing my fingers and saying my prayers that this year, however grueling in homework, I will be able to better manage my time. I'm not necessarily crying bloggy bloggy ERRY DAY (there is laundry to be done), but even so, I think I've managed a system that'll keep my brain/willpower from going "Uhhhhh, no. Not doing that" MOST days out of the week. Spare an encouraging comment and I'll give you a computer hug.


{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

I will hopefully be serving in Ecuador come Spring Time through OSSO. If you would like to make donations either to OSSO directly or to my own personal funds so I can go to serve, email me at newzkinz@gmail.com


I met some famous people, now I'm famous too.

Who would have ever thought I'd bump into somebody of temporal notability in The Corner of Hel--- I meannn, Oceanside Beach? (There's really no difference between the two.) Ever laid eyes upon a little group called Zuma Zuma? America's Got Talent? Ring A Bell? (didn't for me either). If not, go educate yourself here why dontchya. There Celest, Mariah and I are, attempting to get collected so we can swing by Ruby's for dinner and catch the last Sprinter back home (That is a BLATANT LIE. IIIII wanted to go, Mariah sort of had the urge to leave, And Celest was perfectly content thinking that the world- Sprinter included- would wait for us), When Celest had the urge to flirt with this group of African boys in the water next to us (as she so often does, she's a charmer). Turns out these mini (they were MIDGETS, foreign MIDGETS) high voiced acrobatic ape monkey men were formerly on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT. Say wuuu? They're currently performing at the San Diego Safari Park, as you youngins call it. To me, the old maid, it will forever be the WAP. I saw them two Mondays ago with Emilia without even knowing that in a short amount of time these men would be rubbing me up and down with sand for a picture (I kid you not.) 
So, question is, am I famous too?


Happy August and schtuff

The entirety of my last day of July yesterday was spent here: 
I did lots of things here, such as ride these: 

Superman (x2), Batman (x2) and Scream (x3)

In short, i'm dead. In the best way possible (said with a spanish accent in order to rhyme)


Let's Talk Materialism: Style

I, at the birth of this here blog, had the intentions of making it a fashion blog. I later explained why it's not {here}, just for now. Perhaps, during the summer, I could be doing it, but I highly doubt the thousands of followers I have {haaa} visit here to see pictures of me in soccer clothes... or my undergarments. So, let's talk other people's style, that I just so happen to admire.
Firstly, blogs:

Thrifted Things: Oh how I love the things you put on your body. Thrift heaven.
I basically go here for all my "inspiration" needs. (I feel so fashion bloggy saying that. I mean, honestly, who REALLY gets inspired by clothing? It's fabric people, probably forcibly made and sweat upon in China).

Pikchas, via the ever inspiring Pinterest

Lace. I loved lace before all y'alls did. So get outta here.

Second. Bows. Kill me with cuteness

Swimsuits & shoes. Nuff said. 

Now, be done with this materialism, and go hug a baby.


Pinned it, Loved it: Round 2

This round has no loves. not one.
I am here to talk about one thing and one thing only: Flourless Chocolate Brownie Cookies {recipe}
Looks like the nectar of the Gods, yes?
WRONG. Made these with my home girls today because, well, they looked like THAT ^. I would greet obesity with pleasure if it meant I could eat those pictured. In real life? errmmmmmm. They spread out to the size of houses (didn't help that Celest made a few that were the size of a condo to begin with-- even so, my perfectly proportionate cookies still decided to blow out like explosive diarrhea). So, are they cookies? NO. Maybe if you put them in a pan and made brownies- they would, ya know, do their explosion thing and be durrnnn tastee.



In case you all didn't know (none of you knew- because I didn't tell you), mis amigas de Utah estan aqui! Our story is like that out of a book. Our mothers met when Celest and I were widdddle bebes swimming en utero, found out that they were due within 3 weeks of each other, and the rest, of course, is history. Then, a couple years later, a little ball of annoying named Mariah came along and stole our thunder (love you Mariah.) They're here to visit for the short time of about 10 days. So, posting will be scarce. toodles.



Pinned it, Love it.

If you follow me on Pinterest, which I'm 100% sure none of you do (missin' out folks)...
{if you would like to follow me, go here}
You would know that 87% of my life is consumed repinning darned recipes that i'm sure I'll never make. People, I have 1203 food pins. Help me. However, I actually did try out a couple, and here are my thoughts on each.
Pink Lemonade Gooey Butter Cookies- yummers
recipe: http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/desserts/pink-lemonade-gooey-butter-cookies/
FOOD, meet blog people. Blog People, FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.
Holy heavens, I could eat my way into my grave with these things. I did not use the pink lemonade cake mix (sounded a little white trash to me). Instead i opted for some decadent fancy looking good ole' lemon. I have a TOTAL anorexic friend (she denies it- it's real) who ate 10+ of these when I brought them to a beach party last week, at which i burned my rear end VERY NICELY. Then, on Saturday, I entered them into my church's county fair. Out of some 30 or 40 something desserts, second place. BOO TO THE YEAH. Do not cook these past 11 minutes.
Pumpkin pie cheesecake. I couldn't find the exact recipe I used, but I made this for Thanksgiving at a friends house. All I can tell you is that I slipped in little teensy chocolatey chips of goodness in between the pumpkin and cheesecake. Recipes all over pinterest. Yummers, but decadent. almost too much. beware.

Recipe: http://grinandbakeit.com/smores-cookies-for-my-milk-cookies-moment
S'more cookies. Holla at yo boy. Made these as gifts for Christmas, for lykk 50 ppl. I'm crazy, go ahead and tell me.

SO YEAH. There was another pin I can't find for the life of me about making a chocolate mousse type pudding from a blog called Chocolate Covered Katie. Love everything from her recipes but this. I suspect it's what the Devil eats. or Paris Hilton. Ew.


So I lied...

and guess what? MY pants AREN'T on fire.
In other words, lying is TOTALLY okay folks!
That was a lie too. It's not.
update on life.
I've gotten 3 (count 'em, 3!) BAD burns. Can you say burned rear cheeks? Hello toilet, you hurt.
I've spent many a time being athletic (hoorah! my body loves it). rock climbing, hiking, soccer, running, swimming, the beach, you name it.
I know, this blog is supss boring. But I passionately hate uploading pictures, so for now you have to deal with my text. My BLOG.



Why is this a chore?

All I can say is that blogging, oh, blogging, has become quite the chore. but i'm going to try to make this less painful, and write daily. Today is SO EXCITING. CLEANING ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY. YEAHHHHH.



I died... sorry.

Good Thing Christ has me covered.
In a sense, the title is a light hearted joke, and in a sense, it's not.
This year was trying, testing.
Satan tried his very hardest to rip away that which is dearest to me, above education, fun, friends even.  A Testimony. MY Testimony. There were times I thought he had won. Amongst the storms, there was the eye, times of peace in which I felt i was regaining a rocky foundation in Christ, but time and time again, I fell face first, mouth wide open, swallowing half the ocean back into the water.
I see the end of the storm though, it's coming nearer.
Some days are gloomier than others, but bright skies are ahead.
BUT HEY, IT'S SUMMER, and the living is easy.
Expect more posting, my lovely .2 readers.