Life decisions

I've been thinking rather philosophically lately. I feel as though i need to grow a beard and wear a robe and pace around a study in order to think these types of things... but in reality im just drooling all over myself and nodding off in school. But the time when i have to leave home to attend school (preferably BYU) and then i start piloting my own life. My heart is here, in California, as are some of my closest friends. To move far away would mean hardly ever seeing them or any of my family. I KNOW i could easily be happy living here in sunny San Diego for the rest of my life. But deep down inside i want to take chances. Ever heard of the song two birds by Regina spektor? No? Well stop taking lame pills. Go listen! I feel as though my split personality is based onto those two birds. The one that says cmon is me wanting to live in many diverse places. I've always admired those that have said "i want to move here!" And then they just do! Quit their job, sell off the majority of their stuff.. buy a translation dictionary and a plane ticket and go. I want to explore gods creation before any other natural disasters take advantage of its weakened state.
So which bird are you?
Which bird are you?


No, I didn't die.

In case you were wondering.
Unless you count My Chem Honors class. I die in that classroom on a daily basis. You can thank Mr. Endermann for my loss of hair, gain of pimples, loss of sleep, and overall loss of my sanity. I do enjoy mole conversions though......
Sophomore year is, an experience. To be quite honest I feel totes awk right now, because  i have about four people breathing down my neck right now. Talk about bloggability pressure. Valerie's spit is now officially in my ear. Wooeeee. And now it's her tongue......
I've chosen great friends...
Love you muches
Valerie (well, maybe not her) Nicholle, Daniel, Joseph, and all those other kids with the pumped up kicks. They're running from Joseph's bullets.
P.S. I don't expect this post to make sense to ANY OF YOU. This is for our own personal enjoyment.
P.P.S. I PROMISE to write on here much more often.
P.P.P.S. No I don't, i'm lying. I promise nothing.