Change Comes. Embrace it.

Has it really been 11 days? bad blogger bailey. (Alliteration- so maybe my brain hasn't completely melted over summer. With the temperature in the 500 degrees celsius in my room nowadays you would think it would've melted by now.) SO many things have happened since i wrote that silly nonsensical post that, in the eternal scheme of things, really could matter less, right? There's good, bad, and HORRIBLE news. Which shall come first? I think it's always good to end the day on a good note. SO, horrible first.
:( :( :(. I hope for her though, that college brings her a thousand blessings and sweet memories of joy, running, RMs, dorm room funsies and more. I fell asleep before I even got to say goodbye as she parted at 5 in the AM. so here's my official goodbye.
2. The bad news. Mom+ my school thought it necessary to get me the TDAP shot, otherwise known as whooping cough, because we had a child epidemic last year and I came down with SOMETHING like that. Turns out i paid $53 to have an allergic reaction and have my arm swell up to Jersey-shore-pumping-iron-size? great.
3. Good news (which is actually FAR beyond good.) We have a foreign exchange student! Awesome, yeah? Yeah. Bee (her nickname) is from Thailand, she's 4'11, she's loud, and she's HIGHLARIOUS. more to come on her (she deserves one million posts).


You Probably Could Care Less But....

You've only heard me mention Soccer what, twice on this blog? Well here's my soccer story. I sure as poop hope nobody on my new team sees this... ever. Well, Audrey can. I love you Audgie. Anypoop, I decided to give soccer a whack at the young and tender age of 9. Here's a list of the problems that came with that.
1. I was a chubster
2. I was unmotivated, unlike Emily over here.
3. I was an asthmatic, so I used that as an EXCUSE to walk to every ball, not run.
4. I didn't take soccer into serious consideration AT ALL.
Audgie and I watching a girl's varsity game after school. Meet my kermit the frog hat. he's very popular.
Boy do I regret these excuses and considerations now. Soccer is the one sport I like to channel my passion and drive (which I often don't have) to become better into. I wasn't the naturally gifted child, and i've had to fight tooth and nail over countless physical setbacks to get even HALF way to where I am today. I played recreational soccer for 5 and a 1/2 years before I considered Soccer to be something I wanted to personally pursue. In my final season of Rec, I decided that i was to work to a level of skill in which i could play competitive, no more of this half heartedness. I prayed that Heavenly Father would give me the confidence and perseverance so I could try out for my school's varsity team. Of course, I came up a little short, but I landed myself the position of JV goalie (which i had only been playing for a few weeks (consistently) and learned so much from the experience LIKE the fact that it made me want to be on Varsity THAT MUCH MORE). Shortly after that horribly pathetic season ended (love you team ;} ) I was noticed enough by the Varsity Soccer coach (who is to be my math teacher this year as well (it's a small school people)) to get on to his COMPETITIVE AAA level SOCCER TEAM! C: :D :) :} :] :DDDDDDDDDDDDD.  Without trying out :D :D :D. I was so excited I resisted the urge to pee and vomit all over his carpet, so Audrey and I saved the celebration for outside his room. Unfortunately my future Spanish teacher saw that..... whoops. Now, 2 months into this season, I often get discouraged by my inadequacy and undeveloped skills, but there are times when I see a glimmer of hope in my perseverance. It all comes down to prayer to my Heavenly Father, asking for guidance and confidence in my skills and the talents that HE gave me. I almost always forget how much his support has attributed to every skill Heavenly Father has given me. He is incredible.


New Friends

The biggest blessing I have ever received : Living 2 minutes away from the Humane Society.
My mom submitted papers to the Humane Society 10 days ago (Friday), and by last Tuesday, we had 6 4 week old kittens living in the guest bedroom. In fact, i came home from the Sprinter with Emily and Annie from a good trip to the beach with new special people I recently met, having just received a text from my mom that we had gotten them. Not 2 days later I come home from babysitting and there's a dog as old and stiff as the hills in her crate in my living room?
This was the expression on my face
Anywhoo, I happily have a house bursting like the ark full of animals, but I swear, if they get prolific on me like they did on Noah, they are no longer welcome. Poor McGregor (my brainless animal) is scared out of his pants (if he wore them... I'm sure he'd wear lederhosen.) Pictures of my babies will come soooooon.