Cheers To the Weekend

The weekend has at long last come!
I must confess, i'm at math tutorial right now, and in an truthfulness is hould be doing my weekend assignment, but if you want to know what I think, doing your homework on time is for sissy babies. It shows FAR too much dedication. I'm hoping that this will soon actually become a fashion blog, as many people have been asking me to start one, whether at church, school, or elsewhere. The problem is that waking up at o FLIPPING PITCH BLACK HUNDRED for seminary does not = ideal lighting for pictures, and right after school off come my decent items of clothing and on goes my soccer attire.
So yeah.
Pointless rants rule.



Being Lazy

Hi All!
YOu know, I have no thought out, well planned excuse for a month long absence. I could say school, and in my mind that's pretty legitimate, considering i've been buried alive in chemistry assignments from day 1, but you peeps probably wouldn't buy that. No worries! I still love you all! I could promise that I'd write more often... but that would mean i'd have to give up my sims social addiction, and that ain't gonna happen. Sorry guys, but i've got 4 days left to finish one of my quests :O.
LOL kidding.
Since I don't currently have a camera to take outfit pictures with (even though I always intended this to be a fashion blog) I will post some pictures of OTHER people's clothes I like. Just you wait. It'll be good
Have a good Sabbath!



Life decisions

I've been thinking rather philosophically lately. I feel as though i need to grow a beard and wear a robe and pace around a study in order to think these types of things... but in reality im just drooling all over myself and nodding off in school. But the time when i have to leave home to attend school (preferably BYU) and then i start piloting my own life. My heart is here, in California, as are some of my closest friends. To move far away would mean hardly ever seeing them or any of my family. I KNOW i could easily be happy living here in sunny San Diego for the rest of my life. But deep down inside i want to take chances. Ever heard of the song two birds by Regina spektor? No? Well stop taking lame pills. Go listen! I feel as though my split personality is based onto those two birds. The one that says cmon is me wanting to live in many diverse places. I've always admired those that have said "i want to move here!" And then they just do! Quit their job, sell off the majority of their stuff.. buy a translation dictionary and a plane ticket and go. I want to explore gods creation before any other natural disasters take advantage of its weakened state.
So which bird are you?
Which bird are you?


No, I didn't die.

In case you were wondering.
Unless you count My Chem Honors class. I die in that classroom on a daily basis. You can thank Mr. Endermann for my loss of hair, gain of pimples, loss of sleep, and overall loss of my sanity. I do enjoy mole conversions though......
Sophomore year is, an experience. To be quite honest I feel totes awk right now, because  i have about four people breathing down my neck right now. Talk about bloggability pressure. Valerie's spit is now officially in my ear. Wooeeee. And now it's her tongue......
I've chosen great friends...
Love you muches
Valerie (well, maybe not her) Nicholle, Daniel, Joseph, and all those other kids with the pumped up kicks. They're running from Joseph's bullets.
P.S. I don't expect this post to make sense to ANY OF YOU. This is for our own personal enjoyment.
P.P.S. I PROMISE to write on here much more often.
P.P.P.S. No I don't, i'm lying. I promise nothing.


Busy as a... Bailey?

Hido ho blogger-os!
Life has been wickidy wickidy wack yo. Sophomore year = stepping up to the plate. Combine the 2 hrs of math homework to history papers, english paragraphs, pre-lab assignments/ elements quizzes/ computer quizzes/ spanish tests and soccer and seminary and mutual and being the miamaid president AND constantly strengthen my own testimony, I have a billionth of a second to breathe. So now, i'm taking it slow because... dun dun dun... we have no power. I'm sitting in darkness surrounded by candles. according to my foreign exchange student from Thailand, it's "romantic".



Change Comes. Embrace it.

Has it really been 11 days? bad blogger bailey. (Alliteration- so maybe my brain hasn't completely melted over summer. With the temperature in the 500 degrees celsius in my room nowadays you would think it would've melted by now.) SO many things have happened since i wrote that silly nonsensical post that, in the eternal scheme of things, really could matter less, right? There's good, bad, and HORRIBLE news. Which shall come first? I think it's always good to end the day on a good note. SO, horrible first.
:( :( :(. I hope for her though, that college brings her a thousand blessings and sweet memories of joy, running, RMs, dorm room funsies and more. I fell asleep before I even got to say goodbye as she parted at 5 in the AM. so here's my official goodbye.
2. The bad news. Mom+ my school thought it necessary to get me the TDAP shot, otherwise known as whooping cough, because we had a child epidemic last year and I came down with SOMETHING like that. Turns out i paid $53 to have an allergic reaction and have my arm swell up to Jersey-shore-pumping-iron-size? great.
3. Good news (which is actually FAR beyond good.) We have a foreign exchange student! Awesome, yeah? Yeah. Bee (her nickname) is from Thailand, she's 4'11, she's loud, and she's HIGHLARIOUS. more to come on her (she deserves one million posts).


You Probably Could Care Less But....

You've only heard me mention Soccer what, twice on this blog? Well here's my soccer story. I sure as poop hope nobody on my new team sees this... ever. Well, Audrey can. I love you Audgie. Anypoop, I decided to give soccer a whack at the young and tender age of 9. Here's a list of the problems that came with that.
1. I was a chubster
2. I was unmotivated, unlike Emily over here.
3. I was an asthmatic, so I used that as an EXCUSE to walk to every ball, not run.
4. I didn't take soccer into serious consideration AT ALL.
Audgie and I watching a girl's varsity game after school. Meet my kermit the frog hat. he's very popular.
Boy do I regret these excuses and considerations now. Soccer is the one sport I like to channel my passion and drive (which I often don't have) to become better into. I wasn't the naturally gifted child, and i've had to fight tooth and nail over countless physical setbacks to get even HALF way to where I am today. I played recreational soccer for 5 and a 1/2 years before I considered Soccer to be something I wanted to personally pursue. In my final season of Rec, I decided that i was to work to a level of skill in which i could play competitive, no more of this half heartedness. I prayed that Heavenly Father would give me the confidence and perseverance so I could try out for my school's varsity team. Of course, I came up a little short, but I landed myself the position of JV goalie (which i had only been playing for a few weeks (consistently) and learned so much from the experience LIKE the fact that it made me want to be on Varsity THAT MUCH MORE). Shortly after that horribly pathetic season ended (love you team ;} ) I was noticed enough by the Varsity Soccer coach (who is to be my math teacher this year as well (it's a small school people)) to get on to his COMPETITIVE AAA level SOCCER TEAM! C: :D :) :} :] :DDDDDDDDDDDDD.  Without trying out :D :D :D. I was so excited I resisted the urge to pee and vomit all over his carpet, so Audrey and I saved the celebration for outside his room. Unfortunately my future Spanish teacher saw that..... whoops. Now, 2 months into this season, I often get discouraged by my inadequacy and undeveloped skills, but there are times when I see a glimmer of hope in my perseverance. It all comes down to prayer to my Heavenly Father, asking for guidance and confidence in my skills and the talents that HE gave me. I almost always forget how much his support has attributed to every skill Heavenly Father has given me. He is incredible.


New Friends

The biggest blessing I have ever received : Living 2 minutes away from the Humane Society.
My mom submitted papers to the Humane Society 10 days ago (Friday), and by last Tuesday, we had 6 4 week old kittens living in the guest bedroom. In fact, i came home from the Sprinter with Emily and Annie from a good trip to the beach with new special people I recently met, having just received a text from my mom that we had gotten them. Not 2 days later I come home from babysitting and there's a dog as old and stiff as the hills in her crate in my living room?
This was the expression on my face
Anywhoo, I happily have a house bursting like the ark full of animals, but I swear, if they get prolific on me like they did on Noah, they are no longer welcome. Poor McGregor (my brainless animal) is scared out of his pants (if he wore them... I'm sure he'd wear lederhosen.) Pictures of my babies will come soooooon.


Some Days

You just want to appreciate the little blessings that Heavenly Father gives me... like constant babysitting jobs and pool and San Diego sun. He loves me so much! Plus i have some amazing news for you guys! But that deserves at least a couple posts by itself.


Old Lady

Do you like my nightstand?  It used to have palm trees. No more beach, nope. Im tempted to spray old lady perfume on this here piece of furniture, make it more authentic.



Its simple, and its delicious! Rye bread, smart balance light butter substitute, tomatoes, green beans, and white meat pork. Yummmmmm.



It's Better When It's Duct Tape

What brilliant idea is Emily going to come up with now? I know! Let's all wear duct tape ensembles to a stake dance! That way when my bootie pops too much and the duct tape falls off the back (yeah, it really did happen) I know that I need to turn my swag down some. I mean, for a girl that could camouflage herself buttnaked in a bed of snow, I have amazing swag (just kidding, I don't) (yeah I do) (no I don't). I just dance as if i'm the only person in the world, and together Emily and I enter that phase of dancing in which you might want to avert your eyes. It's intense. Picture TIME!

That..... would be my dad


See The Thing About Girls Camp

Is you learn more in 2 days about yourself, others, and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ than you would in years of trying to discover these truths on your own. Naturally, Divine Intervention would assist should you ask to know more about any of these subjects, but the experience is that much more fun when you share it with 200+ hormonal girls locked up in cabins (ha, ha, cabin fever). Pictures are to come later, because, as always, I like to rely on Brother Facebook and Sister Google to supply my images for this blog,  and uploading photos from tu camara es muy DIFICIL.


A Method To The Madness

Wherever this cake decorating business took a wrong turn down the road (maybe it was forgetting half the shortening in the fondant, dropping the brownie base on the floor, eating half the cake mix before it even became a liquid mix, or threatening to shoot one's self and one another) I went INSANE Sunday/ Monday. Gurdy (Emily.... don't you love our old lady names? I'm featured on the end of her blog post about this shenanigan referred to only as ETHEL. Yeehaw!) and Samantha (bad no-blogging friend, bad girl!) invited  me into their plans to make what I presumed to be a simple sheet cake with some pretty glittery fun thingies on it (you know, Girl's camp?). Heaven only knows why I volunteered because after Emily's mother decided to suggest we make the San Diego temple out of stinking box cake mixes, i knew I was a goner. Maybe not the cake, but I was. 10 hours of agonizing work and several more running to stores (only to be ripped of. hmhm, thanks so much Michael's, love you bunches :|) and various houses of people in Emily's/ Samantha's ward and we got ourselves a CAKE. the one problem with this is, I really needed to shower, I had no makeup on hand, and my skirt was three sizes too big, thus the low-ridin style of the skrit in the aforementioned and shortly to be presented picture. Okay, that was three problems. That also explains the ridiculous hat i'm wearing.....................
I am SO HOT.

Just kidding, this cake is hot. Literally. I bet the buttercream is melting right off now.



Lyfe Over

Harry Potter's over, which now means my life is over. greatttt. I swear I was thinking as I wandered through the parking lot that suicide is a plausible option. It sounds absurd right? But here's the thing. I loved Part A a whole bunch more! Why? Why did this happen to me? Were my expectations to high? I don't think there is such a thing as an expectation that is too high for Harry Potter, but i felt like I lacked the emotion that I had had watching the Part A. Still, it was a beautiful film, and i will be FOREVER grateful for this experience. Harry Potter for Ever <3


Be Jeallin

In 37 short, SHORT hours, it all ends. And by "it" I mean my entire life. har har. just kidding. I still have the gospel.
For those of you who are too logical, too "busy", or too grown up to read this, you are being too illogical, making too many excuses, and too childish. These books have been my childhood for the past 10 years. I've grown up as Harry has discovered who he is, what he has to do, and what really matters; love. I too have learned who I am, what I have to do (returned to Heavenly Father, duh), and what really matters; Harry Potter (I think we've established this by now.) READ IT. you will love every minute you spend lingering on the mysteries and the depth of the story just as much as i have, if that's possible (I'm starting to doubt it is). In the meantime, I miss Emily. :( sad time. she's communing with nature without me, and last time I checked, that's a felony. And Lauren too. She does not have a blog, but i've loved having this girl as my friend almost AS LONG and ALMOST as much ( ;} ) as i've loved Harry Potter since the first movie/ book.


Win a Mikarose dress!

Win a Mikarose dress!    follow this link on over to Elaine to win a Mikarose Modest Dress, retailing at 45 BUCKAROOS. even if you're a man, seriously, this dress is HAWT.

Believe in Him

Emily over here beat my sorry bum to it. But her thoughts inspired me to share my own. If you haven't made friends and formed a close relationship with Jesus Christ, i struggle to believe how you still sit here this day able to read these words (this font is rather annoying, i think my next step will be to change it) without sobs breaking forth from your mouth and tears spilling over your eyes. I know that would be my present state were it not for his constant companionship and atonement. Life is meaningless without my big brother, and you can't fathom how amazing it is to know that regardless of what i do, he is there to compensate for my MIND-BOGGLING incompetence. He and my Heavenly Father, combined with the comfort and direction from the spirit are the only reason i haven't had the mind to blindly walk straight off a thousand foot cliff. He loves me, and I love him. He will be, forever, my Savior, my Lord, my Redeemer, My everything.


The Fourth Was Obviously Better Than The Fifth

Seriously, my day was more awesome than this
Seriously. I've got the blisters and the giddiness of a cougar who's just landed herself with a date with a fourteen year old to prove it. It started it out with my awesome awkward, balding and short Bishop challenging the Youth to hike up a nearby mountain, 7 miles roundtrip. I'm telling you people, it was beautiful. I saw a flipping deer amidst the richy rich neighborhoods of Southern California. I told everyone there that if they had been my friends before, they were no longer. That deer was all that mattered from then on. We later moseyed on over to a park for some panqueques deliciososssss and lava monster (if you don't know this game, you have never had a childhood) with a bunch of people my age. Later it was Bishop's house for some hot doggies, swimming, and werewolves (if you haven't played this game you have no life). After that we washed, showered, primped and destinkified ourselves to head on over to rape-- uhmm, grape day park for fireworks, and another game of werewolves <3. Mind you i had done all this on four hours of sleep, so when they mentioned that we were going to Bishop's house afterwards to play MORE werewolves, i planned to go there in my pajamas and most likely PASS out and spend the night there. But i made all the way through the party, are you proud? The only thing that would've made this day better would be if i had seen my friends who are currently elsewhere. :( i miss ewe all.


Really? A Goggie?

I've had cats all my life. Let's say that, at most, i've lived maybe two weeks without at least one cat inhabiting my home, yet i have NEVER had a dog. My mom and I moseyed on over to the Humane Society and found a black lab pup. Her name is Hannah. She's young, beautiful, strong, curious, and energetic... I can imagine her doing something like this ....
So what do you people think?  I'm still rooting for a kitten, now that I rescued five of them from a dumpster this past week. they looked a little like this....

Learning Lessons The Hard Way

Sometimes we face adversity in our lives, every day in fact. It seems to bare its teeth and roar it's terrible roar, and we wonder why Heavenly Father ever does this to us. In some cases, Heavenly Father places adversity in our path, that we may over come and progress ever more. But a few times each week, perhaps each day, we face problems due to our own agency. When somebody else takes a wrong turn in life and it angers, sorrows, hurts, or saddens you, you do yourself no good by countering back, for then you too must take that wrong turn in the fork of the road. There's a lot to be learned from either path though. Unfortunately, i reacted and took the wrong turn. Regardless though, i know that Jesus Christ will be there to compensate. It gives me hope.


Save Me Children... Save Me.

I'm sitting here on the couch, dreading upcoming soccer practice. It starts in an hour and 3 minutes. Why do i feel this way? Maybe because I don't enjoy the burn that i get from hurdles and squats on my inner thighs that feels like the devil himself is nibbling on them? fudgie. oh well. At least Val and I will be hitting up zeee beach tomorrow. For Now, enjoy some horrifying soccer pictures.


Do I sound cool to you?

 If you can read this right now it's probably because your glasses have slid down your nose too far. That is, if you have some kicking ray-bans like i do. This is the first of my blogging experiences. For inspiration, my daily reads are Elaine and Ashley. I have a feeling they are exchanging virtual glances and asking "what 7 year old girl has the nerve to link us to her one post blog? I just wasted time that could've been used playing peek a boo with my cat or searching for unicorns in Narnia". ONly joking guys, I'm a whole 7 and 1/2.  Then there would be my sister soulmate  (who started blogging in the past week or so- you know we started a fad) Emily. She makes my train chug up big hills. There is my childhood love Lauren too, but she'd rather read my blog than write one of her own (if she did it would be filled with lots of trolling, loling and braniac things about her IB classes). Should you choose to read this blog in the future, I can guarantee that it will contain posts mostly pertaining to my church = happyness, clothes and all things associated with girls, hiking + bloody sports and all things associated with boys, my daily pmsing mood swings, and the usually nerd paraphernalia like harry potter and dragons (my favorite animal) and cats (my other favorite). Maybe even some Marine Biology thrown in there, because, you know, that's what i want to be when i grow up.