Wedding SWOON

I'm going to take a second to be a total girl here.


You must know..

Shark Week is on this week.
And When Bailey does Shark Week,
Bailey does nothing else.
Yes, d-word me to hell. I watch Shark Week. Bad Future Marine Biologist! Guilty pleasure, anybody?
I'll resurface once I stop baby talking to the TV saying, "OHH, I JUST WANNA PINCH YOUR LITTLE CAUDAL FIN. YES I DO! YES I DO!"
P.S. It's actually my homework too, for Marine Science (*valley girl* FAVEE CLASS EVARRR). To watch videos on it and then bad-mouth it in short essay form. This is the vidaaa.


So now I'm a junior.

Hi all. I'm crossing my fingers and saying my prayers that this year, however grueling in homework, I will be able to better manage my time. I'm not necessarily crying bloggy bloggy ERRY DAY (there is laundry to be done), but even so, I think I've managed a system that'll keep my brain/willpower from going "Uhhhhh, no. Not doing that" MOST days out of the week. Spare an encouraging comment and I'll give you a computer hug.


{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

I will hopefully be serving in Ecuador come Spring Time through OSSO. If you would like to make donations either to OSSO directly or to my own personal funds so I can go to serve, email me at newzkinz@gmail.com


I met some famous people, now I'm famous too.

Who would have ever thought I'd bump into somebody of temporal notability in The Corner of Hel--- I meannn, Oceanside Beach? (There's really no difference between the two.) Ever laid eyes upon a little group called Zuma Zuma? America's Got Talent? Ring A Bell? (didn't for me either). If not, go educate yourself here why dontchya. There Celest, Mariah and I are, attempting to get collected so we can swing by Ruby's for dinner and catch the last Sprinter back home (That is a BLATANT LIE. IIIII wanted to go, Mariah sort of had the urge to leave, And Celest was perfectly content thinking that the world- Sprinter included- would wait for us), When Celest had the urge to flirt with this group of African boys in the water next to us (as she so often does, she's a charmer). Turns out these mini (they were MIDGETS, foreign MIDGETS) high voiced acrobatic ape monkey men were formerly on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT. Say wuuu? They're currently performing at the San Diego Safari Park, as you youngins call it. To me, the old maid, it will forever be the WAP. I saw them two Mondays ago with Emilia without even knowing that in a short amount of time these men would be rubbing me up and down with sand for a picture (I kid you not.) 
So, question is, am I famous too?


Happy August and schtuff

The entirety of my last day of July yesterday was spent here: 
I did lots of things here, such as ride these: 

Superman (x2), Batman (x2) and Scream (x3)

In short, i'm dead. In the best way possible (said with a spanish accent in order to rhyme)