I died... sorry.

Good Thing Christ has me covered.
In a sense, the title is a light hearted joke, and in a sense, it's not.
This year was trying, testing.
Satan tried his very hardest to rip away that which is dearest to me, above education, fun, friends even.  A Testimony. MY Testimony. There were times I thought he had won. Amongst the storms, there was the eye, times of peace in which I felt i was regaining a rocky foundation in Christ, but time and time again, I fell face first, mouth wide open, swallowing half the ocean back into the water.
I see the end of the storm though, it's coming nearer.
Some days are gloomier than others, but bright skies are ahead.
BUT HEY, IT'S SUMMER, and the living is easy.
Expect more posting, my lovely .2 readers.