New Friends

The biggest blessing I have ever received : Living 2 minutes away from the Humane Society.
My mom submitted papers to the Humane Society 10 days ago (Friday), and by last Tuesday, we had 6 4 week old kittens living in the guest bedroom. In fact, i came home from the Sprinter with Emily and Annie from a good trip to the beach with new special people I recently met, having just received a text from my mom that we had gotten them. Not 2 days later I come home from babysitting and there's a dog as old and stiff as the hills in her crate in my living room?
This was the expression on my face
Anywhoo, I happily have a house bursting like the ark full of animals, but I swear, if they get prolific on me like they did on Noah, they are no longer welcome. Poor McGregor (my brainless animal) is scared out of his pants (if he wore them... I'm sure he'd wear lederhosen.) Pictures of my babies will come soooooon.

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  1. Ahaha! I love your post Bailey! They always leave me laughing! Oh my LOL ;) Rons face (: