Let's Talk Materialism: Style

I, at the birth of this here blog, had the intentions of making it a fashion blog. I later explained why it's not {here}, just for now. Perhaps, during the summer, I could be doing it, but I highly doubt the thousands of followers I have {haaa} visit here to see pictures of me in soccer clothes... or my undergarments. So, let's talk other people's style, that I just so happen to admire.
Firstly, blogs:

Thrifted Things: Oh how I love the things you put on your body. Thrift heaven.
I basically go here for all my "inspiration" needs. (I feel so fashion bloggy saying that. I mean, honestly, who REALLY gets inspired by clothing? It's fabric people, probably forcibly made and sweat upon in China).

Pikchas, via the ever inspiring Pinterest

Lace. I loved lace before all y'alls did. So get outta here.

Second. Bows. Kill me with cuteness

Swimsuits & shoes. Nuff said. 

Now, be done with this materialism, and go hug a baby.

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