Be Jeallin

In 37 short, SHORT hours, it all ends. And by "it" I mean my entire life. har har. just kidding. I still have the gospel.
For those of you who are too logical, too "busy", or too grown up to read this, you are being too illogical, making too many excuses, and too childish. These books have been my childhood for the past 10 years. I've grown up as Harry has discovered who he is, what he has to do, and what really matters; love. I too have learned who I am, what I have to do (returned to Heavenly Father, duh), and what really matters; Harry Potter (I think we've established this by now.) READ IT. you will love every minute you spend lingering on the mysteries and the depth of the story just as much as i have, if that's possible (I'm starting to doubt it is). In the meantime, I miss Emily. :( sad time. she's communing with nature without me, and last time I checked, that's a felony. And Lauren too. She does not have a blog, but i've loved having this girl as my friend almost AS LONG and ALMOST as much ( ;} ) as i've loved Harry Potter since the first movie/ book.


  1. Hahah oh Bailey, I want not this to end!!

  2. bopailopey! i miss ewe tooo, so very much. don't worry, nature has been second to sweating my guts out. ;) but that might be a felony without you too. darn.

    love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you soon:)