A Method To The Madness

Wherever this cake decorating business took a wrong turn down the road (maybe it was forgetting half the shortening in the fondant, dropping the brownie base on the floor, eating half the cake mix before it even became a liquid mix, or threatening to shoot one's self and one another) I went INSANE Sunday/ Monday. Gurdy (Emily.... don't you love our old lady names? I'm featured on the end of her blog post about this shenanigan referred to only as ETHEL. Yeehaw!) and Samantha (bad no-blogging friend, bad girl!) invited  me into their plans to make what I presumed to be a simple sheet cake with some pretty glittery fun thingies on it (you know, Girl's camp?). Heaven only knows why I volunteered because after Emily's mother decided to suggest we make the San Diego temple out of stinking box cake mixes, i knew I was a goner. Maybe not the cake, but I was. 10 hours of agonizing work and several more running to stores (only to be ripped of. hmhm, thanks so much Michael's, love you bunches :|) and various houses of people in Emily's/ Samantha's ward and we got ourselves a CAKE. the one problem with this is, I really needed to shower, I had no makeup on hand, and my skirt was three sizes too big, thus the low-ridin style of the skrit in the aforementioned and shortly to be presented picture. Okay, that was three problems. That also explains the ridiculous hat i'm wearing.....................
I am SO HOT.

Just kidding, this cake is hot. Literally. I bet the buttercream is melting right off now.


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