Lyfe Over

Harry Potter's over, which now means my life is over. greatttt. I swear I was thinking as I wandered through the parking lot that suicide is a plausible option. It sounds absurd right? But here's the thing. I loved Part A a whole bunch more! Why? Why did this happen to me? Were my expectations to high? I don't think there is such a thing as an expectation that is too high for Harry Potter, but i felt like I lacked the emotion that I had had watching the Part A. Still, it was a beautiful film, and i will be FOREVER grateful for this experience. Harry Potter for Ever <3


  1. I am not so dramatic as to declare my life totally over but I do tear up at the thought of no more new Harry Potter adventures. I know what you mean about liking part A better. I think it was because there was still a part B to look forward to. The adventure was still continuing and you could watch, enjoy and anticipate all at the same time. Watching Part B was much more bittersweet and that tempers the emotions a bit. Now Harry is more like a friend that has grown up, graduated and moved on. All the memories are there and he is still a wonderful friend. Rereading the books brings a comfort like visiting an old friend rather than the infatuation we feel with a new friend where we don't know what to expect. Both are good relationships, just different. Think of this as practice for the next 10 years of your life. Love you Bailey! Even more than I love Harry.

    ps.I like this font much better. It doesn't hurt my brain to read it.

  2. Yay! you made me feel much better :) I think my emotions have finally transformed to confusion and sorrow to appreciation for the fact that i got to be the world's only Harry Potter generation, growing up with it. this font is, at least, 10 times better, don't you think? I'm glad i can lessen the stress that teenagers must have on your brain nowadays, considering you have three. I also found some new books to love, though of course, they're second best to Harry Potter. The Hunger Games! Have you checked them out?