The Fourth Was Obviously Better Than The Fifth

Seriously, my day was more awesome than this
Seriously. I've got the blisters and the giddiness of a cougar who's just landed herself with a date with a fourteen year old to prove it. It started it out with my awesome awkward, balding and short Bishop challenging the Youth to hike up a nearby mountain, 7 miles roundtrip. I'm telling you people, it was beautiful. I saw a flipping deer amidst the richy rich neighborhoods of Southern California. I told everyone there that if they had been my friends before, they were no longer. That deer was all that mattered from then on. We later moseyed on over to a park for some panqueques deliciososssss and lava monster (if you don't know this game, you have never had a childhood) with a bunch of people my age. Later it was Bishop's house for some hot doggies, swimming, and werewolves (if you haven't played this game you have no life). After that we washed, showered, primped and destinkified ourselves to head on over to rape-- uhmm, grape day park for fireworks, and another game of werewolves <3. Mind you i had done all this on four hours of sleep, so when they mentioned that we were going to Bishop's house afterwards to play MORE werewolves, i planned to go there in my pajamas and most likely PASS out and spend the night there. But i made all the way through the party, are you proud? The only thing that would've made this day better would be if i had seen my friends who are currently elsewhere. :( i miss ewe all.

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